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M!A Status

Zilean is middle aged for four days. ends 8/12


Please keep my character in mind while interacting with him.

Zilean will do NSFW but this does NOT include smut

Zilean will not respond to obviously negative hate-mail messages.

Mun is 18+ and okay with NSFW including gore, angst, suicide, and torture.


Summoner Name: deraviin on NA

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Steam Name: Assistant (Search Deraviin)

"I knew you were coming, here, I even made us some tea. Now is this yesterday's conversation, or perhaps tomorrows? What? We haven't met yet? Oh but we have now."

"I suppose I must make my tower suitible for living in now, with the Institute closing. Oh dear."

/In other news mun is really really really sick with a virus with a mortaility rate so mun is probably not going to be very active.

Sorry guys.

Stares at Zilean, curiously. "Click?"


"Yes, voidling creature?" Zilean says, trying to hide his distaste.


//So, Summoner name change sale…

Should I change my name? If so what to?

//Fnatic finally gets skins for s1 championship. Way excited.

"Time is not often something one can say they are outside of, but what makes you so different human?"


"I never said I was different. Merely afflicted."



// Alright you’re going to want to enlarge the picture but if you focus where I pointed the arrows at, I think we’ll be getting a new Zilean Splash Art soon!!!


He’s needed some love for quite some time!  Maybe Vel’koz will come in to more story here?

Does Zilean some how fit in at some point?  He is the Chronokeeper after all.

But how did I not notice this earlier, anyone else catch this?

//It’s Zil’s chinese splash art. But I am excited nonetheless. I hear that his lore is getting changed.

I’m hoping it will be more than three lines, in-depth. But I am excited to see if they are going to weave him in more with the other shurima champions as he is kind of apart from all of them in a really awkward way.


//Do you remember when you used to be super serious about going through and deleting all the OOC from your blog?

Yeah, those were the days.

"I remember when my people worshiped sun and moon together... they were sisters you know."



"So I have deciphered from the Lunari ruins. The two lived together in peace… or at least the illusion of it."

"It was no illusion. It saddens me to see them war."

Lore and Event PSA

//I’m going to be waiting for more information on the lore changes riot is implementing before changing anything on my blog headcanon wise.

Right now the way they have explained it is just way too confusing and vague for me to understand what is really being said at all.

So if any of you are wondering “why does it say Zilean still lives at the institute” that’s why.

I do have an event coming up when I do find out for taking back Zileans home as it is currently the home of an open portal to the void and is constantly throwing up void creatures all over his dilapitated home.

If any of you would be interested in taking part in helping sZilean rebuild and drive out all the creatures in/near his tower in Urtistan please let me know and I will be sure to let you know when it is going down.



"Ascending? Would it cure me?"

When one has achieved my state of being, they are far beyond the reach of any ailment. Of course, if you are referring to the “Ascension” battles that will soon be held on The Crystal Scar, then you may find yourself disappointed.

"One never knows. Without the hold of the institute over them, it could be real."

Ori hurried to the chrono keeper. "zilean i need your help! its urgent!" she looked horrofied. -Dancerwiththeball


"What is it young champion?" Zilean asked in confusion.


//This new thing Riot posted for Azir like completely nixes out Xeraths Judgement, which I kinda liked. Now he no longer accidentally kills his love interest as shes trying to stop him he’s just like “nah fuck you Azir.” It’s a lot more one dimensional.

Also completely changed Nasus and Renektons lore. Hrmm. Does this mean Nasus and Renekton no longer guard a library?

"Ascending? Would it cure me?"