An Indie RP and ask blog for the champion Zilean: The Chrono Keeper, from the game League of Legends.

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Please keep my character in mind while interacting with him.

Zilean will do NSFW but this does NOT include smut

Zilean will not respond to obviously negative hate-mail messages.

Mun is 18+ and okay with NSFW including gore, angst, suicide, and torture.
"I knew you were coming, here, I even made us some tea. Now is this yesterday's conversation, or perhaps tomorrows? What? We haven't met yet? Oh but we have now."

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I decided to make a list of how many blogs there were of each champion, and how many OC’s as well! At least as far as I know. This is based off of active blogs, meaning they have posted within the last month (30 days)

Please note that I put skin blogs, alternate gender blogs, and AU blogs all under the same thing.

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//I updated it as far as I know. A few new blogs but definite decline at the moment.

Was wondering as I keep this updated if people wanted me to do a ‘weekly stats’ of comings and goings.

I could highlight new blogs and show what champions are in decline and stuff but idk if people would enjoy this or not.

Also reminder that I am just one person. If you think I have missed a blog that has posted within the past month, be it an ask, art, or pure rp blog as long as they rp in some manner, please let me know.

"Zilean, Time Keeper and owner of the clock tower in the once great Urtistan. An honour to meet you. Might I inquire - Do you still work with the Piltovians on the Chrono-Propeller technology?"


"At times yes, but I am afraid that they have little need for my expertise at this point in development. I am good at making spells as simple as the ones they use on their odd techmaturgy, as I believe they call it, easy to replicate."


"Can I feel your beard?"


"If you must. I assure you it feels the same as any other beard, child."






"I know that I don’t have time for you.. Hrrmmf."

"Yes, I’m sure you have much more important things to do. Like run around wildly and slobber over clean floors." Zilean says, affecting an air of complete seriousness.




"Oh no, nothing like that, I dislike spoilers. I would not call myself such a thing, I have no control of this after all. I just let my feet carry me here." 

He glances at the floor he is floating a few inches off of. “speaking theoretically.”

Twitch stared down and noticed the same phenomenon, he had always forgotten he was aloof in the air, granted by only a little. “How do you do that? Can you teach me to fly, oh how I’d love to soar 6 inches in the air!”

"It is no ability, but mechanical in nature. A necessity due to my paralysis." Zilean said good naturedly, not seeming upset at all as he talked about his disability.

Chrono-mage has entered the master’s domain




He winks at Zed, still smiling. “Did I say that? Besides, your door was open.”

"I…I really do not even understand how you got in here… I have guards all over the this temple." He sighed, shaking his head.

"It’s only a matter of timing you know," Zilean chuckles, "and I have quite an intricate understanding in that particular area."




"The universe had a beginning, and it will also have an end. Such is the way of things." Zilean says softly.

"Even something as large as a universe has predators, and it too, is infinitely expanding. You my think yourself a part of it. But you know little of what it is about, perhaps more than many, maybe even with all my years and abilities, more than I. But you still know little of it."

Do you think I am oblivious, Zilean? I am fully aware of these “predators…” Yes, there are things that can even threat me, and I assure, I am making preparations. It is true that everything has a time to die… Such is the law of reality.

However, humanity has rebelled against that law for as long as it has existed, and you and I are no different. Is it not true we were meant to perish many years ago? And yet here we remain, two men that defied the “inevitable” fate all mortals are destined to face. Is that not why this Institute was created? To prevent humanity’s inevitability for war; to keep lives from being lost before they can be completed?

If the universe is is truly in danger of ending, as you say, then I shall crush any forces that threaten it until there are none left to oppose me. Perhaps, being able to see the future as you do, it is simple for you to accept your failure and defeat as nothing less than inevitable. However, all humans are born with one basic instinct even I am not above: the will to survive.

Call me arrogant, call me a fool, call me anything you like. The future something we create, Zilean. And I have every intent to mold mine how I see fit…. *I float away from you, heading back to my chambers to reconnect to the Locus of Power hidden beneath.*

Zilean sighs, quietly watching him go.

Talking with the ascended magus was always a befuddling experience, he was unused to having the sensation forced on his person as it was usually he confusing and disturbing those around him with his talk.

The old mage shook his head as he went back to staring out the window, aware that what he was seeing was not the present as his disease once more whisked him away to far away times against his will.

Nocke took the marker and drew a watch on the mage's left wrist. "You say you're associated with time and you don't even where a watch?"




"Have you seen the clock on my back? It is more accurate than any tiny time piece."



"Hmm… alright, how about this? Why don’t you ask me a question you don’t know the answer to? That might be easier," Nocke suggested with a smile.

Zilean raises one bushy eyebrow. “You are an odd one, aren’t you? Why not simply talk? I promise I am quite good at pretending not to know things.”

//At some point I really need to do what this old blog askdjtalon had as a prompt idea and make drawings of that C9 Zilean skin. I’ve figured out all of what I would do for it.

Problem is I feel like I couldn’t explain some of my ability visual ideas for this skin without animating them and.


I can’t animate.

Let alone draw well enough to even try.


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Chrono-mage has entered the master’s domain




He winks at Zed, still smiling. “Did I say that? Besides, your door was open.”

"I…I really do not even understand how you got in here… I have guards all over the this temple." He sighed, shaking his head.

"It was only a matter of time before I walked past."

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